Poppy Dottie

The "Journey" metaphor is something to which we as the "Poppy Dots" team can strongly relate with.  We experience the ups and downs of life and it was during one of these downs that we discovered the gift of community.  Walking with and encouraging each other gave rise to our business - "Poppy Dots".

This created new possibilities and gave us the strength to carry on and to discover new horizons. 

On our journey we met other like minded and brave women who also realized  that there is always hope and the possibility of a new story and of a new landscape.

We met the "Naguilklub” and we discovered that our compasses and values point in similar directions.  We decided to join hands and support a NPO - "Still Born Still Loved" -that also emerged from a painful experience.  "Still Born Still Loved" supports mothers who experience a still birth or loss of an infant.  "Poppy Dots Design" will donate R50 of each pair of "Poppy Dottie" studs/earrings to this cause.

Together we as women and sisters can make a difference and hold on to our inner compass of faith, hope and love.