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Discover our Sterling Silver Pendant Collection - Your Choice, Your Style.

Please note that chains are not included with our pendants, allowing you the freedom to select your desired length and style. Personalize your look with a chain that perfectly compliments your pendant, whether you prefer a delicate chain for a subtle touch or a statement piece to make a bold statement. With this customizable option, you can create a necklace that truly reflects your unique style and personality.

Sterling Silver Africa Protea Pendant

R 795.00

Sterling Silver Giraffes in Love Pendant

R 695.00

Sterling Silver Green Amethyst Pendant

R 495.00

Sterling Silver & Square Mystic Topaz Pendant

R 625.00

Sterling Silver Zirconia Teardrop Pendant

R 590.00

Sterling Silver Green Amethyst Teardrop Pendant

R 855.00

Sterling Silver Green Amethyst Teardrop Pendant

R 770.00

Sterling Silver & Square Zirconia Pendant

R 438.00 R 515.00