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Sterling Silver Emerald Pendant

R 495.00 

Sterling Silver Round White Opaline Pendant (12mm)

R 1,080.00 

Sterling Silver White Opaline and Zironia Studs (11mm)

R 1,250.00 

Sterling Silver Round White Opaline Studs 7mm

R 895.00 

Sterling Silver detailed Blue Opal Studs

R 695.00 

Sterling Silver Green Onyx and Peridot Earrings

R 1,080.00 

Sterling Silver Triple band Green Onyx Ring

R 1,299.00 

Sterling Silver Rutilated Blue Topaz Earrings

R 1,080.00 

Sterling Silver Petite Double Drop Green Onyx Earrings

R 895.00 

Sterling Silver Leafy Rectangular Green Amethyst Ring

R 1,395.00 

Sterling Silver Triple Band Oval Green Amethyst Ring

R 1,650.00 

Sterling Silver Blue Onyx Bracelet

R 1,530.00 

Sterling Silver Mixed Blue Topaz Earrings

R 1,620.00 

Sterling Silver Triple Cab Garnet Drop Earrings

R 1,230.00 

Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Citrine Earrings

R 1,585.00 

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