How do I know which earrings will suit my face shape?

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How do I know my face shape?

They are generally classified as:  OVAL, ROUND, RECTANGULAR, SQUARE, DIAMOND or HEART shaped

How to determine your face shape

Step 1 - Get a flexible measuring tape

Step 2 - Tie your hair back

Step 3 - Get a pencil and paper

Step 4 - Sit/stand in front of a mirror

Step 5Measure the distance straight across from the hairline on one side of your forehead to the other.  Basically measure accross the widest part of your face.  Write the measurement down.

Step 6 - Measure across your cheekbones.  Feel for the most prominent part of your cheekbones with your fingertips.  To get a more accurate measurement, hold the tape measure straight across in front of your face and eyeball where it lines up with each cheekbone.  Write the measurement down.

Step 7Measure from each end of your jaw to the tip of your chin.  From below your ear to the tip of your chin. Multiply the number by two and write it down.

Step 8 - Measure the length of your face. Take your tape and measure from the center point of your upper hairline down to the tip of your chin. Instead of closely following the contours of your face, hold the measuring tape straight up and down in front of your face and eyeball where it lines up with your hairline and chin.  Write the measurement down.

After you’ve made all the measurements and written them down, determine which measurements are greatest and which are smallest. Compare the proportions of your face with those typical of the common face shapes.

  • For example, if your face is about as long as it is wide, it is probably round or square. A square face has a wider, more angular jaw than a round face.
  • If your face is longer than it is wide, it may be oval, or rectangular. To determine which, look at how your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline measure up.
  • If your measurements get gradually narrower from forehead to jawline, your face is heart-shaped or oval. If they’re similar all the way down, your face may be square, or rectangular

How do I know which earrings will suit my face shape?

Here is a list of face shapes with the suggested earring styles to help you choose wiser.

SQUARE SHAPED FACES:  Large hoops, narrow chandeliers and long drop shapes are perfect for square shaped faces.


Sterling Silver Open Rectangle Threaded Earrings

Sterling Silver Giacinta Hoops

Sterling Silver & Freshwater Pearl Oceano Drop Earrings

Sterling Silver Half Moon Hammered Hoops

Earrings for square shaped face


ROUND SHAPED FACES:  Long dangling earrings that extend below the chin will create and illusion of a longer face, geometric shapes such as rectangles, trapezoids and squares will also compliment your face shape.


Sterling Silver Wild Flower Seed Pods

Sterling Silver Dangling Double Dots

Sterling Silver Trumpet Lily

Sterling Silver & Gold Watsonias


Earrings for round shaped face


RECTANGULAR SHAPED FACES:  Rectangular faces are somewhat similar to oval faces, only slightly longer.  Jewelry that draws attention away from the length and adds width is the most flattering for this face type.


Sterling Silver & Gold Inca Lilies

Sterling Silver & Freshwater Pearl Cup and Saucer Studs

Sterling Silver & Gold Camellia

Sterling Silver Orchids


Earrings for rectangular shaped face


OVAL SHAPED FACES:  The most flattering earrings are the ones that do not make your face seem elongated.  Hoops, chandeliers, teardrops and other soft shapes that end just above the chin are perfect.


Sterling Silver Heart Leafs

Sterling Silver Dangling Teardrops Green

Sterling Silver & Quartz Natura Earrings

Sterling Silver Aubergine Flower

Earrings for oval shaped face


HEART SHAPED FACES: Teardrop or triangular earrings create and illusion of a wider jawline and are perfect for heart-shaped faces.  Hoops, curves and other space-filling designs are ideal.


Sterling Silver Preciosa Pearl Earrings

Sterling Silver Fynbos Pods

Sterling Silver Chunky Hammered Hoops

Sterling Silver Half Moon Hammered Hoops

Earrings for heart shaped face


DIAMOND SHAPED FACES: Earrings that balance the angles of your face work well with a diamond shaped face.  Chandelier earrings that are wider at the bottom or studs and earrings close to your ear are great options.


Sterling Silver Half Moon Hammered Hoops

Classic Sterling Silver Brushed Drop Earrings

Luxurious Sterling Silver & Freshwater Pearl Drop Studs

Sterling Silver & Gold Amaryllis


Earrings for diamond shaped face

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