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Moonstone, known for its ethereal glow and captivating shimmer, is a gemstone steeped in symbolism and heritage. Revered in various cultures, moonstone is believed to bring balance, harmony, and hope. As a birthstone for June, alongside pearl and alexandrite, moonstone holds a special place in the hearts of those born in this month.  Its mystical allure and deep-rooted significance make moonstone a cherished gem.

Sterling Silver Cab Moonstone Studs (8mm)

R 895.00

Sterling Silver Moonstone Drop Earrings

R 995.00

Sterling Silver Moonstone Teardrop Pendant

R 770.00

Sterling Silver Gold Plated Moonstone Oval Earrings

R 995.00

Sterling Silver Cab Moonstone Earrings

R 995.00

Sterling Silver Moonstone Earrings

R 695.00

Sterling Silver Moonstone Pendant

R 495.00