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Let’s talk about Fashion and Style...

  • person Lizl de Wet
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Have you ever thought about the terms Fashion and Style?
Let’s have a closer look:

Refers to a form of self-expression or trends at a specific time within a given culture. It refers to popular ways of dressing. Fashion houses and the industry host fashion shows to express their vision for the future. Fashion editors, influencers and the media respond to the vision with their own ideas. Retailers use this information to sell clothes and accessories to the public.

Refers to the way in which an individual expresses themselves in the form of clothing, architecture and even your writing style. In the world of fashion, “style” is the way in which an individual expresses themselves through the aesthetic choices that they make in clothing, hairstyles, accessories and  jewellery that they choose to put together.

What is the difference between fashion and style?
Fashion is more collective and Style more individual.

Individual versus Collective:
Personal style belongs to a person’s own form of self – expression. Such an individual can be a designer like the well-known Coco Chanel or any person outside the fashion industry. The way in which they dress and express themselves are their personal style.  Fashion has to do with the global trends and the fashion industry and business side.
Timeless versus Trendy:
Fashion is timely, but style is timeless.  A person that is fashionable follow
the fashion closely and wears the latest trends. An Individual that is stylish will follow some trends but will always stay true to their personal style instead of absorbing the latest trends.

Look out for our next blog post in which you can determine your own fashion style.