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Welcome to our exquisite collection of Sterling Silver Rings, carefully crafted to captivate women's hearts with timeless beauty. We take pride in offering a diverse range of rings for women, each meticulously designed to reflect elegance and sophistication. To ensure a perfect fit, use our comprehensive ring size chart, ensuring that you find the ideal piece that suits your preferences. As one of the leading jewelry stores in South Africa, we curate a stunning array of sterling silver rings, each handpicked to meet the highest quality standards. Embrace the allure of our sterling silver rings and discover the perfect expression of style and sentiment. Shop now to explore our enchanting selection and indulge in the essence of fine craftsmanship and exceptional beauty.

Sterling Silver Purple Amethyst Square Tube Set Ring

R 1,290.00

Sterling Silver Teardrop Green Amethyst Ring

R 1,280.00

Sterling Silver Marquise Peridot Ring

R 1,143.00 R 1,344.00

Sterling Silver Oxidised Ocean Daisy Ring

R 495.00

Sterling Silver Oxidised Golden Daisy Ring

R 495.00

Sterling Silver Oxidised English Daisy Ring

R 495.00

Sterling Silver Oxidised Desert Daisy Ring

R 495.00

Sterling Silver Trillion Purple Amethyst Ring

R 938.00 R 1,103.00