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The Team and our Dream

Making days blossom by adding pretty things to simple lives. 
Two creatives, where once was three. Beauty blossoming from heartbreak. 
POPPY DOTS grew from two businesses becoming one... Pink Poppy Ideas and Peridot Flowers joined when friendship and creativity were needed to work through the loss of a mutual loved one. The seeds of inspiration were watered and soon Poppy Dots Design started blooming.
With a shared passion for flowers, we see Poppy Dots Design as a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase.  The vase - our shop - holds the bouquet of handpicked, rare and unique jewellery, kept fresh by our different creative abilities. Our passion for the pretty things in life and the shared joy of creating the bouquet, is the ribbon that ties it all together.
Our dream is to make ordinary life a little better by adding fine, pretty and affordable things. To help people see with new eyes, finding the real beauty behind something simple. And to recognise for yourself some significant symbolism in our jewellery that will make their beauty shine even brighter.
Find that special something for someone you love.  Including yourself.
Much Love
Lizl and Alesta

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