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Blue Onyx will appear in shades of blue. It has a hardness of between six to seven on the MOH scale, and its luster may be vitreous or silky. It may be banded or unstripped. The chemical composition revealed it to be a banded or striped variety of the silicate mineral of Chalcedony. Blue Chalcedony is not striped and appears to be a bit transparent.

Sterling Silver Blue Onyx Earrings

R 785.00 

Sterling Silver Blue Onyx Cab Round Studs (8mm)

R 595.00 

Sterling Silver Aqua Blue Onyx Pendant

R 495.00 

Sterling Silver Oval Blue Onyx Pendant

R 695.00 

Sterling Silver Blue Onyx Bracelet

R 1,530.00 

Sterling Silver Blue Onyx Round Studs (5mm)

R 356.50  R 713.00

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